Budget Priorities for RCS (UPDATED LINK as of Monday, March 6)

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):Survey.png

As I am sure you’re aware, the Board of Education of SD #20 (Kootenay-Columbia) has, for many years now, had to deal with deficit budgets due to student enrolment (fewer students equals less dollars).  Difficult decisions have had to be made by the Board over the years, including school closures, reductions in budget line items like equipment and learning resources, and the elimination of staff positions.

This upcoming budget year (2017-2018) is different, though, in that if all things were to stay as they are (for example, stable enrolment and stable funding levels), the Board would actually be in a position where no cuts would have to be made, and, perhaps, even some “giving back” to areas of the budget that have ben cut or reduced or simply ignored could be considered.  This is exciting!  It has been a long, long time for the Board to be in a position where it wasn’t having to consider making more cuts to the budget.

With that being said, the Board is asking us to gather information from our parent community with regard to the following:  If the board were able to add items to the budget, what priority items would your school community identify for your school site?

Through PAC we have identified areas of need around the school, and now ask that you help us rank them in terms of priority so that we can send information to the Board for their decision.  The survey will only take a minute and will directly help the school.  Thank you!  Please click on the following link to begin the survey, available until March 26, 2017.